Body Type Body Height Weight Harness Size Leg Pod Size
slim slim 165cm -173cm 55kg - 63kg M S
173cm - 180cm 63kg - 70kg M M
180cm - 185cm 70kg - 75kg L M
185cm - 195cm 75kg - 85kg L L
mittel Athletic 165cm -172cm 70kg - 77kg M S
172cm - 178cm 77kg - 83kg M M
178cm - 184cm 83kg - 89kg L M
184cm - 190cm 89kg - 95kg L L
big Stout 165cm-171cm 80kg - 86kg M S
171cm - 176cm 86kg - 91kg M M
176cm - 184cm 91kg - 99kg L M
184cm - 190cm 99kg - 105kg L L

Sizes, technical details and certification
Size M L
Weight [kg]* 7,2* 7,8*
Max Load [kg] 120 120
Certification LTF91/09 LTF91/09
Distance between Karabiners [cm] 35-52 35-52
Height Of Connection [cm] 40 43
Buckles Cobra, AustriAlpin Cobra, AustriAlpin
Integrated Foam-Protector UP Pro16 UP Pro16
Reserve Compartment Integr. Backcontainer Integr. Backcontainer
Reserve Compartment Volume [cm³] 3500–8500 3500–8500
* Weight INCLUDING leg cover, karabiners (0,27 kg)  and foam protector (1,4 kg).